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    Foundation To Accept Asset Gifts
    Added: June 22, 2005

    The Darrell Pollack DP9 Foundation proudly announces its capability to accept donations of appreciated stock and other capital assets.

    Donors can save a great deal of money on their taxes by making direct stock donations to a qualifying charitable organization. The same goes for donations of other types of securities and certain real estate interests.

    For example, a donor who sells appreciated stock that he or she has held for more than a year and then gives the proceeds of the stock sale to a charity must first declare the sale and pay a capital gains tax on the income realized. However, by donating the shares directly to the Foundation, donors don't have to pay capital gains tax and get a deduction for the full market value of the shares donated.

    Tax professionals and other analysts believe the number of stock gifts will accelerate in the next few years due to increasing public familiarity with the ease of making stock donations and the generous tax benefits available.

    For more information on donating your appreciated assets, please contact Steve Altman at

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